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HP Compatible C6578D (HP #78) three color inkjet cartridge

OEM Equivalent Part: C6578D
Ink4Art Part: 30012
Color: 3 Color

Price: $31.99 $26.99
Buy 3+: $24.99 ea.
Item excluded from coupon use.

Product Information:

This compatible HP C6578D (HP #78) three color inkjet cartridge is guaranteed to perform with the HP brand printers. It replaces the original HP C6578D inkjet printer cartridge.

Remanufactured compatible replacement inkjet printer cartridges and supplies are specially designed to meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and meant to exceed the exceptional yields of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) originals. They are an economical alternative to expensive name-brand inkjet printer cartridges and supplies, and offer exceptional savings over brand-name inkjet printer cartridges and supplies.

The use of compatible replacements does not void the printers warranty.

For Use In:
HP Color Copier 180 HP Color Copier 190 HP Color Copier 280
HP Color Copier 290 HP Deskjet 1180c HP Deskjet 1220C
HP Deskjet 1220c/ps HP Deskjet 1220cse HP Deskjet 1220cxi
HP Deskjet 3820 HP Deskjet 3822 HP Deskjet 6122
HP Deskjet 6127 HP Deskjet 920c HP Deskjet 920cvr
HP Deskjet 920cxi HP Deskjet 9300 HP Deskjet 930c
HP Deskjet 932c HP Deskjet 933c HP Deskjet 934c
HP Deskjet 935c HP Deskjet 940c HP Deskjet 940cvr
HP Deskjet 948 HP Deskjet 950c HP Deskjet 952c
HP Deskjet 955c HP Deskjet 959c HP Deskjet 960c
HP Deskjet 960cse HP Deskjet 960cxi HP Deskjet 970c
HP Deskjet 970cse HP Deskjet 970cxi HP Deskjet 980c
HP Deskjet 980cxi HP Deskjet 990c HP Deskjet 990cse
HP Deskjet 990cxi HP Deskjet 995c HP Deskjet P1100
HP Deskjet P1100xi HP Digital Copier 310 HP Fax 1220
HP Fax 1220xi HP Fax 1230 HP OfficeJet 1510A2L
HP OfficeJet V45 HP Officejet 5110 HP Officejet 5110xi
HP Officejet G55 HP Officejet G55XI HP Officejet G85
HP Officejet G85XI HP Officejet G95 HP Officejet K60
HP Officejet K60xi HP Officejet K80 HP Officejet K80xi
HP Officejet V40 HP Officejet V40xi HP PSC 700
HP PSC 720 HP PSC 750 HP PSC 750xi
HP PSC 760 HP PSC 900 HP PSC 940
HP PSC 950 HP PSC 950vr HP PSC 950xi
HP Photosmart 1000xi HP Photosmart 1115 HP Photosmart 1215
HP Photosmart 1215vm HP Photosmart 1218 HP Photosmart 1218xi
HP Photosmart 1315 HP Photosmart P1000 HP Photosmart P1100
HP Photosmart P1100xi HP Photosmart P1215 HP Photosmart P1215vm
HP Photosmart P1218 HP Photosmart P1218xi  

Shelf Life: 2 years Color: 3 Color
  Yield: 450 pages at 5% coverage