Firefly Fluorescent Inks

  • Firefly Fluorescent Inks jump off the page when contrasted against black and other dark colors.
  • The brightness of the colors on your computer screen now on paper.
  • Black light responsive
    • Firefly Fluorescent Inks "GLOW" when they are in the presence of a black light bulb.
  • Specialty applications:
    • Point of sale graphics
    • Pre-film proofing
    • Theatrical effects
    • Presentations

Higher Impact - Advertisements and product packaging using fluorescent inks are noticed 75% sooner than advertisements utilizing conventional inks.  For products marketed using fluorescent color, they are immediately more visible on store shelves due to the fact that fluorescent colors are much brighter and bolder than conventional colors.

Increased Visibility - When fluorescent inks are used in advertisements outside they allow a 30% increased viewing time in shade, while conventional inks suffer a decrease of 65% viewing time in the shade.

Reader Attention & Retention - When fluorescent colors are used in advertising products they will not only grab attention, but they will retain the attention of customers for twice as long as products advertised using conventional colors.           

Product Preference - Consumer studies have proven that marketing and product packaging that use fluorescent colors are preferred, by a large margin over marketing and product packaging that use conventional colors.