Frequently Asked Questions: Coupon Codes

Q: What is a coupon?
A: Just like at the supermarket, a coupon on our site brings added value to the order. Most coupon codes discount product prices by a set percentage. Other codes might offer discounted shipping, or a free product with offer. Just enter the valid coupon code when you checkout and it will be applied to your order. Please keep in mind the different types of codes are used for different types of promotions.

Q: Where do I enter the coupon code?
A: The Coupon Code field is located on the shipping & billing address screen in the checkout process. It is located just between the shipping and the billing information fields. Just enter your coupon code in that field and continue checkout. If the code discounts the total by a set percentage, that discount will be displayed on the following page of the checkout. A new line will appear in the shopping basket showing the applied discount.

Q: When does my coupon code expire?
A: All coupon codes have an expiration date. If you received a coupon code in a promotional email, that expiration date will be noted in the email message. If you saw the code on a banner ad, the expiration date will be noted in the banner ad.

Q: I entered the coupon code when I checked out, but no discount was registered when I arrived on the shipping method selection page. What went wrong?
A: There are several reasons why a coupon code might not register when applied to the order. First of all, make sure the coupon code has not expired. If it has, just call us or email to request a current code. Please include the expired code that was not working.

Another reason could be a typographical error in the entry of the coupon code. The codes are not case sensitive, but a character such as a space where it does not belong is enough to render the code invalid.

The majority of our inventory will accept coupon codes. However, select products such as OEM product or laser toners will now allow the use of coupon codes. These items have a small icon beside them notating that coupon codes do not apply.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email or call.